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Justine Watson

Justine is a holistic mental health counsellor, author & public speaker. Working multi dimensionally with your mind, body & soul to help you optimise your mental health and well being.


Justine Watson was born in the UK & emigrated to Australia in 1992.  Since qualifying as a holistic counsellor in 1998 Justine has maintained a private practice working with individuals and families on a wide range of issues.  Justine is comfortable working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, she has worked in medical centres which offer holistic approaches and has also run the Child & Family unit of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Sydney NSW.


In addition to writing parenting columns for magazines, in 2008 and 2013 Justine contributed informative chapters for the  Australian Autism Handbook – “Through Grief to Self Care” in which she shares her story of raising her youngest son & highlights the needs of families raising a child with special needs. She is currently writing a book about her own journey


In 2017, after dealing with multiple health issues for nearly a decade, she discovered that she had been adversely affected by surgical mesh and went to the USA for a full removal. Get more information and resources at

Justine’s journey of self healing has brought another dimension to her work and her capacity to help others do the same.

It's impossible to convey in words exactly how she has supported my healing journey. It is not often that we meet someone so genuinely passionate about helping. Meeting her felt as if finally I had met a person who actually understands my struggles over the last three years. Not even my family really understood the illusive and layered health challenges I faced. Justine provides a combination of left-brain knowledge and right-brain intuition, resulting in a double-edged wisdom capable of getting to the core of any issue. With an incredible life story, her heroic journey has gifted a profound ability to know what is needed for a particular individual. Justine helped to catalyse a series of downloads and events. These insights allowed me to finally pinpoint the root cause of my mysterious health issues. Both scientific and spiritual. Justine was like the 'cherry on top' of my healing journey. I am infinitely grateful for her contributions.


I have learned things I didn't realise I needed to!


Of all the social injustices I have heard of over the years, few have shocked me as deeply as that of what Justine has experienced at the hands of Johnson and Johnson's disastrous pelvic mesh implants. Though her story is just one of many tens of thousands, I was moved by Justine's tenacity and resilience, and her resolve to keep asking the hard questions, and demanding answers until she received them. From the moment I was first introduced to Justine, I knew instantly that her story was one with deep power to change and save lives - and equally as importantly, to provide hope to those who were in the anguish that she once faced. Working with Justine as her ghostwriter, editor and mentor was a deep honour and profoundly moving. Her courage, bravery, humour, and - above all - dedication to helping others, are incredibly inspiring.

Jas Rawlinson

A year or so ago I was in a very bad place due to the ongoing pain infections and lack of quality of life pelvic mesh implants had caused me in desperation I reached out to Justine I had heard of her and seen her speak of her similar dealings with pelvic mesh and it’s effects to my surprise she rang me and she was not even in Australia she was compassionate listened ( when previous doctors had dismissed me as just some neurotic woman) and gave me the names of hospitals and people she thought may be of help. Just to say big thank you, you won’t remember but you helped me months ago just by listening thank you for all the work you have put into this horrible mess that is mesh I hope you know how much your appreciated and I agree wholeheartedly no where near enough money for the pain and suffering especially compared to American payout - and the pain never goes away❤️


Having had a lifetime of mental health issues and trauma, I was recommended to Justine by another therapist. Since then, Justine has guided me through my issues with grace and care. She is very easy to speak to and knows how to help people with complex issues. She has incredible insight and can interpret and present situations with such clarity that the penny drops and a breakthrough is made. It’s extraordinary when this happens and I float away from our sessions feeling better. Previously I dreaded therapy because it exhausted me and drained me emotionally. This still happens sometimes occasionally, which is to be expected. The joy of having something ugly, recognized and neatly worked upon, folded up and put in its place is worth it. Justine is also very sensible and has helped me navigate life’s confounding moments with simplicity. She has been and still is a miracle worker and an exemplary practitioner of her profession. Justine is a blessing in my life and as a result that of my children and my partner.


I have known Justine for a period of over 15 years and during this time, sought her support for well over a decade. Justine is like a lifesaving, successful transplant in my emotional well being ... Her practical approach was factual backed by research and her experience. Her sessions allowed for the group to share experiences. Justine offered a no-nonsense, direct but caring and sometimes alternate approach resonated strongly with me.I sought private sessions with her after the group to deal with a v ariety of challenges that life throws at all of us- death, grief, diagnosis of an additional needs child, relationship advice and the stresses of everyday life. She expertly dealt with each of these issues with concern, compassion and allowed me to sit in each space and just feel it. I felt supported and loved and continue to do so.


If you want to feel happier just go talk to Justine. The idea of therapy can feel intimidating or in a real-time world it feels to slow or frustrating ... This isn't that. We joined with open minds but on the verge of parting ways. Our sessions with Justine were always a moment we both looked forward to. Like catching up with a trusted best friend! Always fun, insightful and so useful. Week by week we just felt better, together. Never intimidating or traumatic, more laughter than tears. Justine helped us “get over ourselves”. Always a realist, she helped us with simple and practical ideas that instantly improved our lives. Every week we got better and had more fun again. Within weeks we were back to things we were when we first met which is impressive as that really wasn't the case on day 1! "


Justine's care, compassion and insights which have on occasion been nothing less than genius. I have been working with Justine for some time, through divorce, two International moves and the death of my father, all of which brought different emotional challenges. Justine has in all honesty enabled me to transform my life.


Justine guided me through the most traumatic period of my life. When I first met with Justine I was very skeptical about counselling, but now I realise how wrong I was. Justine is a remarkable human being who not only helped me turn my life around also save my marriage. It is hard to express how grateful I am for Justine’s support over the past 4 years, and I know I would not be the person I am today without her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I could not have done what I have, without Justine. Being the mother of a special needs child is the busiest role and paradoxically, the loneliest role. I could not have done what I have, without Justine.

I first met Justine in 2008, on the break down of my marriage coupled with a newly diagnosed child on the autism spectrum. Justine has been my emotional support person seeing me through divorce, various child custody cases, PTSD and throughout it be all the person that understands me, my personal struggles, the grief and guilt I carry as a mother. Justine has been instrumental in securing my child’s special educational needs at his schools. Additionally, she has successfully worked with my sons 2 households, with an uncanny understanding of the family dynamics. We now work together for our child so that he understands what family life really looks like and how to have, build and nurture meaningful relationships. As we are half way through the teenage years, Justine is an integral team member in our son’s support network. She now not only is my counsellor, but a family counsellor across the 2 households where she provides a safe place to talk, wisdom, tangible behavioural management strategies that work and of course as we all need a time to reflect on the past, ponder the future and a laugh when needed.


Justine is a very safe place to land. Justine is a very safe place to land. Justine kept me sane during some of the most difficult years of my life as a single parent with a child born with multiple disabilities and extremely high medical needs. She taught me negotiation, hooked me up with services, comforted and confronted and fearlessly broached the herd of elephants in the room. I could not have managed without her calm good sense, insight and lateral thinking. When it came time for ‘the long goodbye’, she helped me organise my affairs so that I wouldn’t have extra burdens on my shoulders while my daughter was dying. She was with me during the deaths of my brother and mother as well. I simply cannot recommend Justine highly enough. I am so grateful for her and the immeasurable help she has given me over the years in learning to roll with the punches and bounce back stronger.
I have had counsellors of various calibre in my life and Justine is simply the best. I highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with grief, overwhelm, helplessness and guilt, particularly anyone struggling with a carer role. She will help you claim your power back and guide you to the realisation that you are entitled to a ‘life fulfilled’ too.

Tansy Mayhew Singer/Song writer

I met Justine 4 years ago when I was dealing with multiple health issues relating to surgical mesh. I was completely disabled emotionally and physically, my PTSD and mental health were out of control. Justine’s soft and gentle holistic approach, coupled with her honesty and compassion has restored my sanity. Her own journey has benefitted me and her knowledge of health, the body and spirituality has helped me heal my mind body and soul.

Mrs Lamb

Justine has provided her speaking services to the various organisations I worked for over the last few years. Each time Justine has been able to understand and connect with the audience she is speaking to. I have always been very impressed with the way that Justine is able to re-tell her lived-experience story in an engaging and trauma-informed way. Justine has always presented and acted with the utmost professionalism and it is always a delight to put her forward for speaking engagements which have in the past helped to better the standing and working relationships with our stakeholders and the public. I would recommend Justine as a speaker to anyone trying to advance their corporate goals through embracing lived-experience storytelling.

Ben Graham

Thank you Ms Justine Watson for speaking as one of the symposium speakers for the 2021 Melbourne Doctor of Medicine Student Conference. We were honoured to hear her story and inspiring journey of founding Mesh Injured Australia, and learnt deeply about medical ethics and its intricacies. Justine has no doubt helped inspire over 1500 future medical doctors through her storytelling.

Liz H.

Sometimes, life becomes a little too uncomfortable. Our problems may seem insurmountable. We can’t seem to see through our own personal fog. What can we do about it? Who can we ask for help?

What happens in counselling?

Justine will ask you about your background and ways you have tried to deal with the problems. Then discuss with you the the most appropriate approach she will take and give you a chance to ask questions.

What is a counsellor?

A counsellor is a mental health professional who uses his or her expertise to assist people to function better in their lives. Counsellors work in a wide range of locations in both the Public and Private sector — wherever they can help people to feel better about themselves & their relationships, to feel more secure and be more fulfilled in their lives.

How do I approach counselling?

Many people are anxious about seeing a counsellor. This is natural because we like to feel that we are in control of our lives. We are often anxious about sharing our sensitive or personal information, our fears and concerns with someone outside the family or our community. We need to feel safe and that we can work with the professional that we choose.

Something to remember.

The counsellor is like a coach—to help you figure out a game plan but not to do it for you.

Feeling heard, seen and validated is important when choosing a counsellor to work with.

All counselling is totally confidential.

Justine has been working with individuals, couples and families for over 20 years. Her experience as a woman, parent, wife and mother of special needs child helps her connect and understand issues that arise in people’s lives.

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